Great Opportunity for Dispensaries- Management Agreement


I am reaching out to you to let you know about a great opportunity. I currently represent one of the most successful dispensing organizations in the State of California, and we would like to discuss a potential partnership with you that we believe will be an exciting and rewarding venture. Our group is extremely experienced in operating high-volume dispensaries that are proven successes. Their program is extremely desirable by patients, and the quality of the medicine they provide is second to none. My clients would hope to discuss the possibility of teaming up with your group to provide operational and management support for your dispensary. As the commercial market for cannabis continues to evolve, we are aware of the many challenges faced by dispensary operators. We believe we can help you to realize increased revenues, while limiting your liability and financial commitment going forward.

With the new State laws taking shape it is only natural for dispensary operators to be somewhat weary of increased regulatory costs and responsibilities. It will take a great deal of effort to continue to provide the same level of high quality goods and services as competition increases, and more taxes, fees, and operational costs continue to add up. The burden of added licensing fees, facility improvements, compliance costs, testing and distribution fees, and legal fees will be challenging for most to overcome in coming months. Through shared responsibilities and increased revenues, we can provide your organization with the administrative and management support needed to overcome these challenges; and through shared financial responsibilities with our other dispensing operations we can limit the burden of the costs that the inevitable changes to State and local medical cannabis programs will create.

What we are offering is the opportunity for you to take a step back from the day-to-day grind of operating the dispensary, and to realize the same financial benefits you do now without the hassles of managing the ongoing operations and expanded responsibilities. Let us manage the dispensary on your behalf through a fair and mutually beneficial Management Agreement. We have a proven track record of success in multiple markets in the State. We have developed a winning program that has made us a leader in the industry, and which continues to see consistent growth and increased market share year after year. Our partnership can help you find similar success, while limiting your personal obligation.

If you could retain the same title, salary, and income that you do now without having to worry about managing the daily operations and making ends meet all the time, wouldn’t you? If this kind of deal is of interest you then let’s arrange a time to sit down and discuss it in more detail. We are confident that you will like what you hear. Feel free to call me at (510) 377-1990 at your convenience to set up a meeting. I look forward to it. Thanks for your time and consideration.                                                                           

Kind Regards,

Mickey Martin

Why it is a Good Deal

The cannabis industry continues to be extremely challenging for a lot of operators. From dealing with banking issues, to increasing fees and taxes, to added regulatory requirements from both State and local authorities, what is clear is that the road ahead will be a difficult one to go at alone. Our organization realizes that these frustrations are common in an unstable environment; and we believe that our proven management and administration programs will yield positive results for both of our organization through shared opportunity and responsibility. We are already heavily invested in the development of these programs, and are experienced in helping organizations realize their potential while avoiding opportunity costs.  By accepting us as partners through a fair Management Agreement we will take on the responsibility of operating the dispensary and ensuring it has the required investment funding and administrative expertise that is needed to not just make it through the licensing process, but to thrive through it. You do not need to stress out about how you will afford the increased costs or how you will be able to comply with all of the new regulatory requirements. We will manage all of that for you, while you still maintain ownership rights, your salary, and you have more freedoms. Allowing us to implement our successful programs will immediately increase the value of your investment, and the income of your dispensary. We are good at what we do and can help your business grow rapidly to meet the needs of the ever-changing cannabis landscape. It is a no-brainer really- Less stress for more money.


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