So What About Oakland? Summary of the City’s plans to license cannabis businesses.

The City of Oakland is by far the most progressive municipality working to embrace the new regulations for cannabis businesses. Their plans to amend their ordinances to accommodate for more dispensaries, cultivation, delivery, distribution, and transport will hopefully set the tone for other cities and counties to also regulate. What is certain is that there will be a lot of interest in Oakland permits and we will be extremely busy working to get our clients licensed. I have a great relationship with Oakland City staff and have had success in getting a permit there. Magnolia Wellness was our client the last time the City opened licensing, and after a long application process that was clouded by the Federal crackdown we succeeded in getting a permit for them and developing the business from the ground up. We can also help you get going. The time to begin working on all of the plans is now, so please contact us if you are interested in operating in Oakland. We can begin positioning your organization now for licensing as soon as they become available. The application process goes quick and we are sure to have dozens of interested clients. Contact us to set up an appointment today. We look forward to it.

The following is a Summary of the City’s current plans:

Summary Document

Topic:    Oakland City Administrator Report to the Public Safety Committee

Dated:   December 21, 2015 Discussed at meeting, January 12, 2016


­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Important to understand this is NOT a recommendation, rather an information only report from the City Administrator synopsizing the proposed legislation the City Administrator will put forth in the future – date not yet defined.

Members of the Oakland Public Safety Committee:

D1 – Dan Kalb; D2 – Abel Gullen; D5 – Noel Gallo; D6 – Desley Brooks (Chairperson)

Proposed Sections to be Amended

OMC 5.81 Medical Cannabis Cultivation, Manufacturing and Other Facility Permits

  • Proposed legislation respects and aligns with MMRSA licensing schematic
  • Not looking to restrict the number of facilities and encourage current operations to ‘come into the light’
  • Must meet – building and fire code, have security plans, active odor mitigation measures and will report quarterly to the city to assure compliance with MMRSA

OMC 5.80 Medical Cannabis Dispensary Permits

  • Language distinguishes between delivery (as newly introduced in AB1575 from Bonta – now called “Virtual Dispensary”
  • Creates unique permitting process for Virtual Dispensaries
  • Seeking to permit non-flower smoke at clubs – namely, vapping and edible consumption.
  • Removes restrictions on proximity of dispensaries to each other – almost suggesting that getting dispensaries closer together moves new facilities closer to transit depots and centralizes vigilance for public safety issues
  • Discusses increasing number of dispensary licenses:

*a compromise to a general large increase of dispensary licenses is to set a low number of licenses in the first year, allow to establish and then increase as deemed appropriate by the City Administrator’s office on an annual basis thereafter.

Areas of Concern:

Limited provisions for ‘grandfathering’ of existing cultivation business currently in practice during the application process. (i.e., if a cultivator has been in practice successfully to this point, has a canopy that meets and said cultivator is pursuing achieving a cultivator permit, can inspectors review their operation while in conduct? OR must cultivator destroy all existent product prior to engaging the application process even if established?)

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