• Application Development and Submission- We have a long track record of developing and submitting winning applications for our clients. When the time comes to apply for licensing or permitting locally and/or with the State, MMC will help you create an application that gives your organization a competitive advantage in the process. Our team is highly skilled at creating applications that exceed all standards and position your business to get approved for licensing. All cannabis businesses will need to be licensed, and our team can make sure your application is outstanding.
  • Business Plan- We will create a detailed business plan for your organization that will provide structure and understanding of the organization, its mission, your team, products/services, the market, and strategies for success. This plan is a valuable resource for presenting to your team, public officials, investors, landlords, and other stakeholders interested in your organization. It is a working document that will create the framework for your operations and business.
  • Standard Operating Procedures- Our team will work with you to create Standard Operating Procedures that frame the processes, duties, and policies of your organization. It will create a step-by-step guide for the activities that comprise your regular work schedule. Your SOP/Operations Manual will address facilities, maintenance, equipment, methods, communications, work area requirements, formulations, handling, packaging, labeling, waste management, training, hygiene, and more. Developing good standard operating procedures ensures your team is all on the same page as to what is expected of them, and will serve as a critical part of the licensing process. We will develop your unique operations manual to represent company policies and procedures for all activities.
  • Facilities Review/Assessment/Plan- Our facilities experts will review your current facilities for compliance and functionality. We will create a report detailing areas of concern and suggested improvements  to prepare your facility for the licensing process. We will review all systems, security, zoning, signage, and efficiency aspects of your facilities, and create a task list to help you move toward expected compliance. We can also put you in touch with trusted licensed contractors to facilitate any necessary improvements.
  • Business Filings/Bylaws- We will review your current business filings, and assure that you are in compliance. We can also help transition your business from a not-for-profit entity to a for profit organization, as is allowed under the new laws. We will ensure your current bylaws are up to standards, and adjust or create new bylaws where necessary. We will review all necessary State filings to assure that statement of information and tax obligations are current, and assist you in becoming compliant where you are currently deficient.
  •  Strategic Plan- After assessing your business and operations we will create a comprehensive Strategic Plan to help guide you forward. We will develop a blueprint for achieving success for your organization, including a complete Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats (SWOT) Analysis. We will make suggestions on methods of improving communications, operations, outreach, management, and systems to be more effective in your business dealings. We will give an honest assessment of your business, and provide the necessary resources to help you continue to grow as an organization. The Strategic Plan is a document aimed at helping you understand where you are, and the best methods to get to where you need to be to evolve.
  • Compliance Documentation and Report- We can create documentation and plans that you can use to ensure compliance at all levels of your operation. We will create a binder for you to keep at your facilities that spells out clearly how your business is compliant in all areas, including legal, facilities, zoning, inventory control, operations, record keeping, quality assurance, staffing, security, product development, transportation, and secure storage. This documentation of your compliance is not only helpful for your team to review and conform to, it is also a great resource for interacting with public officials and law enforcement. The many aspects of this report will create the foundation for eventual State and local licensing programs.
  • Investor Ready Plans- We can help you to create investor ready plans to be presented to potential investors in your business. As the industry and your organization expand, it may be necessary to find some new avenues of investment to overcome financial challenges that will be created by licensing fees, facility upgrades, and unexpected operational costs associated with the new regulations. By creating a plan to present directly to investors, you can increase the likelihood of securing the capital needed to ensure your success. We can create a plan that will impress any investor, and help them to understand why your business is a good bet for their funding.
  • Marketing Plans- One thing is certain: the market for cannabis is changing rapidly. We can create a plan to assist you in making wise marketing investments that promote your company, services, and/or products. The objective of marketing is to communicate to your target market why your products and services are of the highest quality, best value, and are a good choice for the consumer. By having a sound marketing plan, you can examine the different methods of advertising and marketing your goods or services that meet your budget and accomplish organizational objectives.
  • Government Relations- A big part of the licensing process will be getting local approval; this will require a great deal of government relations work to accomplish in most areas. We have a lot of experience in approaching public officials and developing strategies to get them on board with allowing for medical cannabis businesses. From developing new language for cities and counties to adapt, to encouraging them to restructure their current ordinances to meet the requirements of the new program, we can help you approach your municipality in a professional manner that gets results. We will attend local public meetings on your behalf, and represent your organizational needs to the necessary City Council or Board of Supervisors. We are also experienced in lobbying State lawmakers to make adjustments to the program where needed.
  • Initiative Campaigns- There will be municipalities in the State where local government officials will refuse to allow for medical cannabis businesses like yours to exist. We have experience in developing initiative campaigns where we develop language, submit the initiative,0 and gather signatures in an effort to allow for the voters to make that decision. We can develop the right language and help you manage a campaign to create licensing opportunities in the absence of local regulations.
  • Employee Documentation- It is important to have documentation that ensures your staff is aware of all company policies and agrees to comply with them. We can create detailed employee handbooks that spell out what is expected of employees and the policies, procedures, benefits, and working conditions of the organization. Developing job roles and descriptions can help your staff to understand what their respective positions entail and your objectives for their roles. Let us help you define your human resources activities to protect your organization legally, and to recruit and keep quality staff to achieve you company’s goals.
  • Educational Materials- It is important to educate people about your company, products, and/or services. We can create materials, such as handbooks, brochures, and training manuals that you can use to educate your staff, clients, and the patients you serve. Proper education helps patients to have a good experience in using medical cannabis products, and can help those who are dispensing your products understand how to inform patients of the benefits and best methods for using them. Developing educational materials for your organization creates customer satisfaction, and can increase your bottom line.
  • Packaging and Labeling- The new California regulations include requirements for packaging and labeling of medical cannabis products. Let us help you to create packaging and labeling that conform to the regulations, while still maintaining the unique and innovative brand that consumers have come to know and love. We can help you ensure that your products are fully compliant, and help you to avoid costly mistakes.
  • Product Development- Our team has a lot of experience in developing successful medical cannabis products lines. We can help you to develop your products and bring them to market. Let us make your great idea into a successful business model. The medical cannabis market is becoming more competitive by the day, so it is imperative to develop products that are desirable and in demand. We understand the market and can work with you to create products that patients love and ask for by name.
  • Training Manuals- We can create manuals to assist in the training of your staff. Having manuals that can be used to train employees on your operations, safety protocols, best practices, and cannabis products can help you to develop knowledgeable and well-trained staff that performs at a higher level. This will help your organization to realize safety, quality, and consistency in everything you do.
  • Ongoing Support- By signing up for our consulting program, you will have access to ongoing support from our team of professionals to guide you through the program. We will provide timely and accurate responses to all of your questions, no matter how big or small, and will do our best to make sure that you have the resources you need to achieve your objectives. We are available to answer your questions by email, phone, and messaging at all hours of the day. All support needs will be addressed within 24 hours of being received.
  • Medical vs. Adult Use- While the current system of regulations is geared toward medical cannabis, there is a very real possibility that adult use legalization will be on the ballot for 2016. We will direct the work we do for you toward both models, and ensure that your plans and operations are reflective of both aspects moving forward if your goal is to be involved in both medical and adult use cannabis. We are well-versed on the laws being proposed, and create our programs to consider both the current medical laws, as well as the programs that will come about through adult use legalization.
  • Networking- We have a vast network of clients and professional partners that you will have access to when signing on as our client. We will help you to find resources in the community that can help you to better achieve your goals, and will connect you with other organizations who share similar objectives. It will take a village to compete with the growing business interest flooding the community, and we will use our amazing network of cannabis industry pros to help you succeed.
  • Best Practices- In order to achieve excellence, adhering to common industry best practices will help your organization be prepared for the future. We will develop best practices for your organizational operations that ensure you have a solid foundation to build for tomorrow. All of our clients share the common bond of working to provide great products and services to the community. Our best practices create a common bond among our clients that provides the structure needed for the changing cannabis landscape.
  • Creative Design- All of the documents, plans, reports, and materials that we create for your organization will maintain design elements that are unique to your company and brand. We will use your artistic styles, fonts, and images in everything we create for you so that they are representative of your organization’s innovative style. We have a great team of designers who can help you create logos, web designs, promotional materials, and marketing tools that reflect your company’s desired image and outreach objectives.
  • Media Relations- We are capable of managing media relations for your organization. Our team can create press releases to generate media interest in your organization or to create awareness about issues you are facing. We can field media inquiries on your behalf, and develop responses that are professional and representative of your mission and vision.
  • Communications- We will assist you in developing needed communications in the process, including creating communications to landlords, public officials, and community stakeholders. It is inevitable that you will need a letter written to help better understand your plans, and we can assist you in making all communications effective and professional.
  • Systems Development- Our team will work with you to develop systems that increase the effectiveness of your organization, including inventory control and record keeping systems.

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